Isaac Farstream

Party Sorcerer, good guy.



Race – Human

Class – Sorcerer

Alignment – Neutral Good

Current Level – 11


Isaac joined the Adventurers on their first mission to the library on an errand from King Jonas after his small council had sent the original adventuring party. He has remained the party’s go-to “magic-man” since then. He currently possess the Sword of Heroes and is rumored to be the one to sacrifice himself to the Infinity Mechanism.

Given his sorcerer upbringing, he started to experience himself awakening in the afterlife realm, which evnetually lead to him combining his two soul selfs into one being, which he did because he was led to understand by Mondo that this would help him fight the Lich. As a result he now has a stronger control of the primal elements of this plane: ice, fire, water, lightning.

Despite his overall good nature, Isaac has a tendency to pursue curiosities to their greatest extent. The most recent example of this is when Isaac unintentionally killed Kildrak, activating the anti-magic-field device he had taken from the library. He decided to bring Kildrak’s other sel f from the afterlife realm in order to reincarnate him, which to possibly dire consequeneces worked.

Isaac Farstream

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