The Story So Far


The Start of the Journey

When a hidden study was discovered below *Jonastown*’s Castle, investigations within revealed maps leading to Last Souls, the lost library of Oren. Jonastown’s council demanded that an expedition be mounted to seek out what remained there, despite opposition from the King. King Jonas Bloodbane XLIII instructed his trusted advisor, Isaac Farstream, to assemble a second expedition and retrieve a few artifacts before the official expedition arrives, specifically a book called the Tome of the Aesir. Isaac brings together three mercenaries to make the journey: Kildrak Driftwood, a dwarf barbarian, Roberto Rithrun, a half-elf rogue, and Aylx Midship, an elf ranger. Isaac tells his companions nothing other than their destination at first, promising to let them take whatever treasures they can carry from the library. The party begins its journey southward and on their first night on the road they are attacked by a group of goblin bandits. They make quick work of the goblins, and the last one surrenders. This goblin offers to serve as Kildrak’s servant if he will teach him how to fight, though Kildrak declines, nonplussed about the idea of teaching goblins how to fight. The goblin wandered into the wilderness.
The party reached the swamp of Firelight, which lies on the edge of the Bankless. Led by Aylx, and accomplished wilderness survivor, the group made its way to the abandoned Halfway Tavern. The building was ancient and decrepit, yet served as the only shelter within Firelight. While the party rested within the ruined building, a group of lizardmen ambushed them, though were quickly defeated.

A Pleasant Boat Ride

The party arrived in a small dock village at the edge of Firelight the next day. Here, they split up to resupply and Roberto stabbed a woman in her home, believing her to be a shop keeper who would not sell him things.

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